For friends, family, colleagues, and other interested parties:

For better or for worse, I’ve been given various traits. I agree that talking about oneself is an indulgence that we should generally avoid, but in this case, it would do more good than harm to indulge. Please be mindful of the following:

  • I have a pathologically poor memory that is slowly improving.
  • An effective prosthetic for my poor memory is rigid adherence to a schedule.
  • Sticking to this schedule is of the utmost importance.
  • Please don’t take personal offense if I say that I can’t or won’t attend your social function, especially if it is very impromptu.
  • Please don’t take personal offense if I say that I can or will attend your social function, and I cannot, especially if it is very impromptu.
  • Seemingly minute changes to my schedule are much more disruptive than they should be, so I do what it takes to mitigate or eliminate them.
  • The less I have to coordinate with times, people, and events, the better. I.e. tell me exactly where to go, and exactly when to be there (as far in advance as you can!) and the likelihood of me being able to go, and enjoy myself, rises dramatically.
  • When working on a project, I prefer being able to work on a portion of the project that’s independent of other people. An example would be providing a Spanish translation of software documentation; I can do this sort of thing completely alone, and on my own time.
  • When given the option to choose between working alone and working with a group of people, I will always choose to work alone.
  • I prefer reading, watching movies, and going to the park to eating at restaurants, watching a TV series, or going to a concert.
  • I often do not have my phone on me. When I do have my phone on me, all my notifications are turned off. If it’s urgent, call me. If it’s not, send me an email or a text message.
  • Please don’t take personal offense if it takes me many hours, days, weeks, or even months to respond to you or otherwise get in touch with you. I really mean this. Please, please do not take personal offense. If I could help it, I would, but I can’t. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can, but don’t be offended if it takes me a while.
  • Last, but not least, solitude is not loneliness!