Liturgical practice is logically prior to, and has spiritual priority over, the mere knowledge of or familiarity with the Sacred Scriptures. The Sacred Scriptures were not (only) meant to be read, but to be lived; it is in living the Sacred Scriptures that their most important purpose is served. Where and how are the Sacred Scriptures lived most completely and totally? In and by the Bride of Christ, which is the Church. It is through the Church’s Song, the Divine Office and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, that the Church lives, in a real sense, the Sacred Scriptures.

Reference for thought: “The incarnate mind, the tongue, and the tale are in our world coeval”, Tolkein, On Fairy Stories; in conjunction with my remembering encountering an adaptation of verses from Sacred Scripture in the Liturgy during Mass, and realizing that, as the Steward and Possessor of Sacred Scripture, it is within the authority of the Church to do with it as she pleases.


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