It’s said

It’s said that nothing stays the same,
that all good things will go

“A fool’s errand,” you’ve heard them say
“to think it won’t be so.”

“Oh, hope? How cute. Just wait and see,”
the thrice dead bones intone,

“and isn’t it a little proud
to think that you might know

what we did not to keep from hate
and bitterness and low

whispers said in confidence and
the lustful glances sown,

from wanting what we didn’t have,
and keeping wrongs in tow,

from using what our loved one’s gave
to feed our hearts of stone?”

Four lips open in “Gloria
in excelsis Deo,

no pride is found in one who hopes,
and no one claims to know

how to avoid fates similar
to those that you’ve been shown

in fact it is our ignorance,
knowing we do not know,

that humbles us to power divine
and makes our hearts beat so.

Your words fall short as you can see
from rendering their blow

so kindly crawl back to your hole
and let us the hell alone.”

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