A regal rug

Logic is the rug which leads to the throne of He who Is.

The logician needles his thread one way and the other, tying the cloth together.

The rug, by virtue of its past, gives the logician clear sight of the place from which he came.

The edges, when reached, assure him that the ratio is kept and his direction remains true.

It is these two things, certainty of both origin and destination, taken with this third Light that illuminates every tuck and tuft he meticulously makes, that assure him of the nature and final end of his work.

Why logic?

Why can I not help but like logic?

Because in it, I found something unbreakable. Something in which I could rest easy knowing that my knowledge of it would never fall away. In it, I caught the first glimpse of the eternal Truth. This is not surprising, because logic follows from His nature.

As the nature of the Trinity undergirds, unbreakably, all that is, the study of the science of logic, where it is identified as having some intimate and immediate relation to the trinitary nature of God, can be considered a divine science. Even in those instances where no such supposition is consciously made by the student, logical knowledge retains its divine character. You will be hard-pressed to find a sincere student of logic who is not sometimes brought out of himself in a kind of ecstasy, by obtaining a glimpse of something Beautiful and Eternal in whatever discovery he has just made.

We must be careful though, not to confuse the image with the object, or the sound with its source. In doing so, we fall prey to the suspicions of the positivists. Logic becomes divorced from the real. We only manipulate artificial symbols. They mean nothing, and their relations mean nothing.

Let us then behold logic for what it is, and from Whence it comes.