How to make blog

  1. Buy domain name.
  2. Register account at DigitalOcean.
  3. Go to domain name registrar and update nameservers. This is good.
  4. Create DNS record at DigitalOcean account. Use this again.
  5. Create your ‘droplet’. What this entails is specifying a hostname (which can be distinct from your domain name), choosing a monthly plan (choose the cheapest one for now…resizing is easy), selecting the ‘WordPress on 14.04’ in the ‘Applications’ tab, and adding an ssh-key.
  6. If you don’t know how to generate ssh-key’s, go here. Ignore steps 4 and onward.
  7. Add your ssh-key.
  8. Read this. When it says ‘Finishing Installation’, stop, and go onto the next step.
  9. Read this and this.
  10. Go back to ‘Finishing Installation’ in step 8.
  11. You should be done by this point.

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